If you’re wondering why your engagement has dropped or why you’re getting lower open rates or even why less people are viewing your videos/live streams, then this is specifically for you.

Gaining attention is hard, it takes time, energy and effort to get into the mind of the prospect and get their attention.

HOWEVER retaining attention long term is even harder​​, you need to keep relevant, keep your content/sales relevant.

Ensuring your relevant is as much about creating content that appeals to your audience as it is about cutting out the stuff that is not relevant, in fact last weeks blog is all about this.

You’re going to learn a technique that can be applied to any content or sales copy, live stream or video even an in person conversation that I learn from a legendary copywriter and works a treat to very quickly (I wanted to say instantly but it is only instant if you use it diligently and right away, so kind of instantly if you choose it to be) to create more engagement and get better sales by keeping your stuff super relevant.

Actually this is probably the mistake I see clients make most often that is them not being relevant due to not asking this 2 word question.

I explain it all in the video below.

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