Recently I have been looking for a new house to move to on a short timeline.  I’m a spreadsheet type of guy so all these possibilities on a spreadsheet, create a short list and then call them up.

I’m ready to go, ready to make a decision, ready to move forward on the right property but to my surprise the agents are not.

It baffles me!

As a prospect who wants to rent a property and I called a load of agents up, most of them don’t have their lettings team available or I left a voicemail and only 40% ever got back to me.

It gets a little worse, of the 40% that did get back to me some of them the properties had been rent and others the property wasn’t suitable after a telephone discussion.  All but 1 of the agents where the property wasn’t suitable did not take my details down.

Only 1 agent took my details down to see if anything else was coming up for me to have a look at.

Just madness I tell you, madness!

The word ‘the fortune is in the follow-up’ is banded about and is cliché but let’s be real.

If all them agents took my details down and called me when a property came available, how many more properties could they attract into the business and advertise the fact that they have a list of potential tenants, no properties available and lots and lots of demand?

The answer is LOADS!

I know if you’re reading this you’re an expert, someone who knows what they are talking about in their industry.

And if you are reading this you’re reading it for good reason to learn to make more money, well here is the golden question…


When was the last time you talked to your audience?


Do you talk to them often enough that they know who you are and what you have to offer?

Enough so when they are ready to buy, your name comes into their head first.

Here is a simple way to do this…

Email your list once a week with content, something valuable that demonstrates your expertise, in your words so they get to know you and also share it on social.

It can be written, video or audio.  Just choose which one works for you, there is no right or wrong, there is just your way.

It is really important to note I have asked this question to multiple 7 figure business owners and their answer is the same each time.

Which format of content works better video, audio or written?

The answer is the same each and every time…

The format at which you prefer to use and are best communicating in.

Yes there is an element of the audience liking your method of communication, but ultimately if you do video and you’re really bad and you hate it then it won‘t convert better than written.  Do what works for you but follow up with content, offers and be you so they get to know you and your personal brand.

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