WHY MY 5AM START HELPS ME HELP YOU – Specially if your an online course creators wanting to sell high ticket offers so you can make more money in less time.

This was this morning 5am, it was dark and I should have taken my head torch but it was beautiful. I could see the stars in the sky and it was so peaceful!
Some may think I’m crazy, I used to think that those who woke at 5am were crazy, but now I see why.
There is science behind it and I will post a video in the comments with the science behind the early wake up (for those interested).
But it’s the time where most I get to work on my health, mindset, emotions, spiritual ness and get prepared to serve.
How does this help you?
Here is the thing, if you’re looking to go from selling online courses to selling high ticket offers that enable you to leverage your income up, with less effort then there are a few things you need to do to make this happen.
1. Niche – you need to know exactly who your target audience is. This can sometimes be slightly different to your target audience for the online courses.
Getting super clear will allow you to attract and sell to these people with ease.
But your mind at this stage can play tricks on you and you’ll always want to default to that which you know works, instead of that which helps serve your future self.
2. Package – you will need to include the right parts to the package you offer so it is appealing, so it solves the problem, so it enables your target audience to see the value your provide.
What’s critical here is to ensure the package works for you. Logistically a lot of people jump to high ticket selling them over commit thinking if I overcommit then I will make more sales and I will have more clients.
But in reality the opposite happens, you end up closing a few clients, trying to deliver for them and then burning out.
That then reinforces the fact that your online courses are the better way to go and you try to go back to that to make more money, but there is always a limit and you end up back where you started.
Sound familiar?
The key is to create the package that works for you in conjunction with the target audience that works for the offer.
3. The price – this is a biggy!
Have you ever been all ready to go to charge more, you decide your price go to sell it, get rejected and then result to discounting?
Yep! We have all been there.
Pricing is so important when selling high ticket for a number of reasons.
Firstly because it determines whether your high ticket offer makes you more money then you currently make or whether it burns you out (we don’t want it to burn you out) and if it hurts you out then your probably making less money per hour then
Secondly, pricing is important to position you as the go to expert.
Think about this if you owned a HUGE company, let’s take for example you own Apple.
Now you’re going out to hire a consultant to work on one specific part of the organisation as a whole.
If someone sent in their proposal and the proposal looked awesome as to what was going to be implemented, then the person hiring looked at the investment which was priced 50% below anyone else.
What do you think the person hiring will be thinking? What would you be thinking?
Your right, it would be something like “I’m not sure this person will be able to deliver, they talk a great talk but at the price I am not convinced they will be able to deliver on what they say”
Or something like that, the proposal will go straight in the bin.
Same with your target audience, the people willing to pay the higher ££ for your real expertise will look at a lower price and think “I’m not sure this person can deliver”.
You see people paying more are looming for CERTAINTY.
They believe that the higher priced package are more likely to deliver better results.
Let’s be honest, it’s true. If you are paid double what your charge now (conservatively) will you have more time and ability tot deliver a better experience and serve the client more deeply?
Of course!
So my job is to help you stay true to what will allow you to get the results you want.
I wake up at 5am so that I can be at my peak to help you through this.
When you charge more, and this has happened for every person I know who has ever charged more, your fears will arise.
Your self worth will likely be shaken, am I really worthy of charging this?
Imposter syndrome might set in, who am I to charge this? It is safer to stay at low $$ pricing so no one finds out I am a fraud. That’s what your mind tells itself but I know if you’re reading this your not a fraud.
We have so much self doubt it stops us from serving people in a more deep, meaningful, profound way.
When clients work with me not only do I provide 11 years of business experience and the best business strategy available.
My coaching goes a step further we work on YOU.
Let me be clear about this, it isn’t therapy and I’m not going to sit there going through your life story with you.
I will however hold an emotional space for you to work through any beliefs that are holding you back, come up with strategies to help move you forward and do so in a way that feels good for you.
SUPER important that you feel good about your decisions.
I am not going to tell you how to run your business, I will show you and guide you on how to transition to high ticket and a higher income for less work but you got to do the work.
I only work with a handful of clients and I only work 121 so you can get real lasting results.
If we work together you’ll shift your thinking, how you feel and most importantly your bank balance for your business.
I’ve got 2 spaces available on my 121, 3 month coaching package in September.
If you’re ready to shift from earning enough to really leveraging up your income with less time input, better clients and more fun. Then hit me up on email: contact@divianmistry.com for more details about the 3 month package of working together.

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